Date Visited Name Location Score Website
4/15/2010 3 Floyds Brewing Company Munster, Indiana 99 website
12/21/2007 Brugge Brasserie Indianapolis, Indiana 96 website
2/15/08 New Albanian Brewing Company New Albany, Indiana 95 website
2/25/2011 Shoreline Brewery & Restaurant Michigan City, Indiana 92 website
2006-2008 Bloomington Brewing Company/Lennie’s Bloomington, Indiana 91 website
5/31/2008 Halfmoon Restaurant and Brewery Kokomo, Indiana 87 website
3/7/2008 Power House Brewing/Columbus Bar Columbus, Indiana 83 website
3/6/2006 RAM Restaurant and Brewery Indianapolis, Indiana 83 website
lots Upland Brewing Company Bloomington, Indiana 82 website
1/12/2008 Rock Bottom Brewing Company Indianapolis, Indiana (College Park) 82 website
4/?/2007 Broad Ripple Brew Pub Indianapolis, Indiana 80 website
3/?/2007 Oaken Barrel Brewing Company Greenwood, Indiana 78 website
2/10/2008 Mad Anthony Munchie Emporium Fort Wayne, Indiana 77 website
6/8/2012 Mad Anthony’s Brewing Auburn, Indiana 76 website
1/18/2008 Alcatraz Brewing Indianapolis, Indiana 73 CLOSED
3/?/2007 Barley Island Brewing Company Noblesville, Indiana 68 website

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