Below Meh

Date Visited Name Location Score Website
lots 2010-2012 Harper’s Brewpub East Lansing, Michigan 72 website
4/?/2007 Put-in-Bay Brewing Company Put-in-Bay, Ohio 72 website
5/25/2009 Mill Creek Brewpub Walla Walla, Washington 72 website
11/10/2013 Sweetwater Draft House and Gril Atlanta, Georgia 72 website
5/2/2014 Blackstone Restaurant and Brewery Nashville, Tennessee 71 website
2/27/2011 Bilbo’s Pizza and Brewing Portage, Michigan 71 website
3/19/2014 Heartland Brewing New York, New York 71 website
8/12/2012 Cornerstone Brewing Company Berea, Ohio 70 website
10/16/2011 Flagstaff Brewing Company Flagstaff, Arizona 70 website
9/30/2008 Kimo’s Sports Bar Richland, Washington 69 website
9/1/2014 Outer Banks Brewing Station Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina 69 website
9/4/2011 Top of the Hill Chapel Hill, North Carolina 69 website
8/?/2007 Lengthwise Brewing Company Bakersfield, California 69 website
12/22/2011 Bull and Bones Brewhaus and Grill Blacksburg, Virginia 68 website
3/?/2007 Barley Island Brewing Company Noblesville, Indiana 68 website
4/6/2010 The Sports Page (Bones Brewing) Billings, Montana 68 website
11/7/2010 Southport Brewing Company Hamden, Connecticut 68 website

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