Cream of the Crop

Date Visited Name Location Score Website
7/24/2011 Brewery Vivant Grand Rapids, Michigan 100 website
2/5/2009 Deschutes Brewery Bend, Oregon 100 website
6/13/2010 Founders Brewing Company Grand Rapids, Michigan 100 website
10/3/2007 Great Lakes Brewing Company Cleveland, Ohio 99 website
5/24/2009 Fort George Brewing + Public House Astoria, Oregon 99 website
4/15/2010 3 Floyds Brewing Company Munster, Indiana 99 website
5/25/2009 Full Sail Brewing Company Hood River, Oregon 98 website
11/7/2008 The Ship Inn Milford, New Jersey 98 website
12/21/2011 Jackie O’s Pub and Brewery Athens, Ohio 98 website
lots 2010-2012 Dark Horse Brewing Company Marshall, Michigan 98 website
5/23/2009 Deschutes Brewpub Portland, Oregon 97 website
10/7/2007 Goose Island (Clyborn) Chicago, Illinois 97 website
2/13/2010 Widmer Brothers Gasthaus Portland, Oregon 97 website
5/23/2009 Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) Portland, Oregon 97 website
6/20/2010 Jolly Pumpkin Brewing Company Ann Arbor, Michigan 97 website
9/5/2009 Whitstran Brewing Company Prosser, Washington 97 website
3/18/2014 508 Gastrobrewery New York, New York 97 website

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